trixie firecracker (xxinsomnolence) wrote in toofamiliar,
trixie firecracker

hello, i'm new.

Name[or the name you wish to be called]; Sarah
Age; 19
Height; 5'2.5
CW; 132
BMI; 23.8
LW; 115
GW1; 110
GW2; 98
and any other information; I've struggled with eating disorders since the age of 14. I was anorexic for a while without really realizing it until my brother pointed it out. I denied it for a while, but I didn't want to be ill, so I started eating again. Eventually, I became depressed and I sought comfort in food. This lead to compulsive over eating and night-eating syndrome for me. At the beginning of August I was 155. I was so disgusted with myself. Now, I guess I'm EDNOS. I guess that's all. =]
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was 155 your HW?